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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden

Occupying a beautiful hillside overlooking the picturesque Tuscan coast, this completely unique sculpture garden is the result of twenty years’ loving labor on the part of artist Niki De Saint Phalle. Born in France, raised between New York and Europe,… (more…)

Pineapple Carpaccio

Andrea Minguzzi  is employed at the French Embassy, Istanbul, Turkey, as Executive Chef-Assistant Manager.  He graduated from the IPSSAR “S. Savioli” (Hotel Management) in Riccione, Italy and has experience in hotels, restaurants and catering.  Andrea is specialized in Italian and… (more…)

Orte Underground: Ice House

An ice house is a structure for  conserving snow or ice – something similar to today’s refrigerator.  Located in the cellar of the old Orte Hospital, this structure and its surrounding chamber reflect the history of the hospital.  The set… (more…)

Orte Underground: Underground dovecotes

Underground dovecotes (colombaie) are widespread in southern Etruria.  These chambers are excavated around the upper edge of tufa plateaus, often near or below existing settlements.  Their walls are almost entirely covered by small niches in rows and with windows although… (more…)

Orte Underground: Fratini Cistern

The 16th century local historian Leoncini wrote:  “In the Bishop’s Palace there was a well near the street which leads to the church of San Lorenzo” (currently occupied by the Town Music School) and “at the place where the door… (more…)

Orte Underground: Roman Earthenware Cistern

These chambers which can be reached from a lateral passageway in the main tunnel, have no connection with the aqueduct system. The “Earthenware Cistern” is a round room with a diametre of about 4 m and has been in continuous use from… (more…)