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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Swimming with Caretta caretta

Kastellorizo is the easternmost of the Dodocanese islands of Greece. If you look at a map of Greece you will probably find it finishes with Rhodes to the east and then in a small box either above or below Rhodes… (more…)

Dedunu’s Chutney

Dedunu lives with her husband Jeevan and her parents-in-law,  in a village near the lake (tank) at Tissamaharama in the south of Sri Lanka.  Dedunu loves to cook.  She has a wealth of traditional recipes and loves to delight her guests… (more…)

Orte Underground – Introduction

Orte is a town where the community spirit is alive and strong. Orte Underground is witness to this. It is the result of years of hard work – entirely voluntary – on the part of the talented and extraordinarily determined… (more…)