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Eva Parnell

From Sicily in the south to Finland in the north audiences have greeted Eve Parnell’s work with delight and warmth. Creating site specific Art for each location, Eve explores customs and history, embracing the landscape or city and meeting local people

A Graduate of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, with a degree in Fine Art, Eve Parnell is a True Artist, her work exhibited from an early age. Parnell is very talented, observant and through her drawings and paintings, discusses issues which our Society often struggles to address. Her unique artwork raises questions and sometimes provides an answer.

Dr. Peter Hoffmann, William Kingsford Professor of History at McGill University, Montreal and Author of “Stauffenberg. A Family History” McGill-Queen’s University Press: Montreal, 3 edn, 2009 writes “Eve Parnell in her delicate drawings of birds, plants, sculptures, even of dead pigeons expresses dream-like compassion and confidence in life, “dream as truth”.”

Dr. John Turpin Professor of the History of Art, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin describes Parnell’s work: “Her work over the years has had a conceptual content as well as a strong technical delivery. She welcomes unconventional exhibiting locations in which to show her work as these challenge the viewer to question and to reflect on the work.”

Anne Stewart, Curator of Fine Art, National Museums Northern Ireland
“Eve Parnell has established an international career as a resourceful and highly accomplished draughtswoman. The impressive quality of her work is due in part to her decision to work in pencil on tissue paper, possibly the most sensitive and demanding of all surfaces. Parnell’s technique requires enormous skill and confidence, as each mark is irreversible, yet despite these difficulties her drawings possess a fluidity that suggests the lightness and immateriality of thought. The fragility of Parnell’s materials, and the graceful assurance of her drawing style combine to create work of remarkable subtlety.”

Leinster Printmaking Studio

The Leinster Printmaking Studio is an artist led studio situated in Clane, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

It was founded in 1998 by Margaret Becker, stained glass artist, printmaker and member of the Graphic Studio in Dublin, along with several other artists.

The Studio represents a group of professional printmaking artists, coming together to share resources, knowledge and expertise. It is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to provide studio space and training for printmaking artists.

The studio caters for anyone with an interest in printmaking, from the beginner to the professional artist. It currently offers facilities for printmaking by intaglio, etching, aquatint, screen print, photo etch, photolithography and relief printing.

In order to limit the damage to the environment and to the practitioners the Leinster Printmaking Studio is a “safe” or “green” studio – members strive to use safe and non-toxic materials.

Recently the studio and individual members are involved in exhibitions in Spain, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Scotland, Australia, Canada, the U.S., Hong Kong and Italy.

Sian Samantha Maguire

Sian Maguire, daughter of well known Irish artist Cecil Maguire, has been painting in Italy for many years. After attending Trinity College Dublin, where she studied French and German Literature, she began a career as a professional actress, working with the Gate and Abbey Theatres in Dublin.

Several years later, she married and moved to Italy where she took up oil painting. In 2002 she completed a Masters in Belle Arti at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Terni.

Her paintings are sold widely at auction and may be found in many private collections.

Sian currently lives in Terni with her son Michael and her Siamese cat.

Emma Perkins Staunton

Emma Perkins de Creeft, originally from New York City, is now based in Narni, Umbria where she lives with her husband Irish musician Paul Staunton. Emma grew up in a family of artists (granddaughter of Spanish sculptor José de Creeft and American sculptor Lorrie Goulet; her mother Donna Maria de Creeft is also a professional artist) and received most of her art training at home, including stone carving. She took up oil painting in high school. Emma attended the American University of Rome (B.A Italian Studies 2006) and Trinity College Dublin (M.phil Comparative Literature, 2009). She began painting again in autumn 2018.

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