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Tag: Architecture

Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden

Occupying a beautiful hillside overlooking the picturesque Tuscan coast, this completely unique sculpture garden is the result of twenty years’ loving labor on the part of artist Niki De Saint Phalle. Born in France, raised between New York and Europe,… (more…)

Orte Underground: Ice House

An ice house is a structure for  conserving snow or ice – something similar to today’s refrigerator.  Located in the cellar of the old Orte Hospital, this structure and its surrounding chamber reflect the history of the hospital.  The set… (more…)

Orte Underground: Underground dovecotes

Underground dovecotes (colombaie) are widespread in southern Etruria.  These chambers are excavated around the upper edge of tufa plateaus, often near or below existing settlements.  Their walls are almost entirely covered by small niches in rows and with windows although… (more…)

Orte Underground: Fratini Cistern

The 16th century local historian Leoncini wrote:  “In the Bishop’s Palace there was a well near the street which leads to the church of San Lorenzo” (currently occupied by the Town Music School) and “at the place where the door… (more…)

Orte Underground: Roman Earthenware Cistern

These chambers which can be reached from a lateral passageway in the main tunnel, have no connection with the aqueduct system. The “Earthenware Cistern” is a round room with a diametre of about 4 m and has been in continuous use from… (more…)

Orte Underground: Via Gramsci Cistern

This cistern is part of a water distribution system located close to where Via Cavour runs into Via Gramsci and a few metres north of the apse of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.  Linked to the main aqueduct tunnel… (more…)

Orte Underground: Potters’ Chamber

Near the Arco del Vascellaro or Potters’ Arch and the ex-church of St. Gregory,  lies an underground chamber which is the best example of continuity of daily life and use of the underground in Orte.  Excavations carried out from the… (more…)

Orte Underground: The tunnels

 The main tunnel was designed, between the 5th and 6th century BC,  to collect rainwater filtering through the tufa rock and water coming from the springs in the nearby Grazie area, and convey it to the town fountains and cisterns…. (more…)

Orte Underground: The fountain

The underground fountain was probably excavated in the Roman period in an area where the town was embellished with many other buildings.  It is the terminal of the ancient aqueduct whose main conduit is considered to date between the 5th… (more…)

Vasanello Medieval Garden

Andalusian and Islamic gardens (from the south of Spain to north Africa), the cloisters of the Arab-Norman palaces of Sicily, the colours and layout of Turkish and middle eastern carpets, Flemish tapestries such as “The lady and the unicorn” in… (more…)