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Tag: Elisabetta Gnignera

Elisabetta Gnignera

In 1992, when she was preparing her final disertation for the diploma at the Accademia di Alta Moda in Rome, Elisabetta decided to concentrate on women’s hairstyles and headdresses in the 15th century. Since the information available was scarce at… (more…)

InConnection’s first event: Elisabetta Gnignera talks on the subject of: Dress and luxury in Central Italy in the 1300’s

Invitation to a talk on Costumes and Dress in the Paintings exhibited in the Diocesan Museum of Orte, 1800 hours, 26 October 2013, Palazzzo Vescovile, Orte

InConnection.it (Associazione Culturale)

The Cultural Association “InConnection.it” was founded at the beginning of 2014.  It was first located in Orte, a hill town on the border between Lazio and Umbria, in a romantic position overlooking the Tiber with, at its feet,  a main… (more…)