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Tag: Seriplo

Spurilio Fortunato’s votive altar (Seriplo, Orte)

Who was Spurilio Fortunato?  His name is engraved on this fine votive altar which was found in 1975 at the port of Seriplo on the Tiber just below Orte (Via Amerina).  We know that he lived in the first century… (more…)

Civic Museum, Orte

This small museum is located in a deconsecrated 15th century church dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot, patron saint of domestic animals and famed for having found a cure for shingles (“fuoco di Sant’Antonio” in Italian). As a civil museum must,… (more…)

InConnection.it (Associazione Culturale)

The Cultural Association “InConnection.it” was founded at the beginning of 2014.  It was first located in Orte, a hill town on the border between Lazio and Umbria, in a romantic position overlooking the Tiber with, at its feet,  a main… (more…)