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Tag: Vasanello

Vasanello Photo Album


Pottery courses, Vasanello Castle

Courses are available at various levels and classes are held twice a week for a period of one month. There are two types of course: white clay and red clay. White clay: participants are introduced to the first steps in… (more…)

Vasanello Castle

The medieval castle (1257) with its four mighty cylinder towers dominates the square in Vasanello. Originally a military outpost, the castle was built in various steps starting with the tower which juts out into the square and which was used… (more…)

Vasanello Medieval Garden

Andalusian and Islamic gardens (from the south of Spain to north Africa), the cloisters of the Arab-Norman palaces of Sicily, the colours and layout of Turkish and middle eastern carpets, Flemish tapestries such as “The lady and the unicorn” in… (more…)